In a world of mainstream visual arts, quality and personality make my work unique.

I'm a photographer, videographer, designer and media producer originally from Recife, Brazil, but currently living in Clarks Summit, PA.


I am engaged, and will be getting married to Camila on April 2020.

I come from a christian missionary family and I am the owner of Cacto Apparel - a clothing store that raises support for missions in South America (read below).


I love to read with a good cup of dark / black / good / pure coffee in my hand, and as a true brazilian I love watching soccer (even though I don't follow a lot of competitions), and playing it as well.


Cacto Apparel is a clothing store that donates 100% of its profit to Christian missions in South America. We are the support for brothers and sisters who understand the urgency of sharing the Truth that once changed our lives.

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