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tianna & seth | wedding overview #05 (eng)

Updated: Dec 26, 2019


This one was quite different from what I've done in the past, and I LOVED IT.

To begin, the ceremony and reception took place at Tianna's backyard.

When she filled me in, I was super excited to see what it would look like, since I had never done any weddings at a bride's house. But, a few days later hesitation and anxiety began to rise, because in my mind it could go two ways — a super intimate and cozy wedding, or a super unrehearsed, busy and unplanned wedding.

When we got to the property, we, myself and Josh (@captivatexphoto), were invited to enter the house where Tianna was getting ready. Her living room turned out to be a great hair salon and makeup studio.

After setting up our equipment — synching our cameras, formatting cards, adjusting camera colours, etc. — we began our job.

The groom, Seth, was already outside greeting the guests that were coming in, while his soon to be wife was finishing her preparation for their special day.

The ceremony went smoothly and quick. The conciseness of everything made our jobs easier.

To conclude, the decoration made everything better. The bride's family built a fireplace where the ceremony (officiated by Seth's dad) took place. They set up tents for the reception and built a nice dance floor for the party. Which was the highlight of the wedding.


The day was beautiful, and the colors were coming really vivid into the camera—which helped a lot on the editing phase. The greenery and trees around the property made the smallest color point pop out like crazy!

The sun was setting right behind where the ceremony took place, and lighting is EVERYTHING for photography. It can make your pictures amazing, or the lack of it can ruin it all.

The pictures were delivered in a chronological order of events. The cameras' clocks are synched so that the photos can be organized in the way everything happened, giving the couple the real experience of their wedding. For example, when Tianna was getting ready and I was taking pictures of her, Josh was outside taking pictures of Seth simultaneously, and they can see what each one of them was doing at certain times.


I loved photographing a wedding in a backyard. The intimate feel (even thought it wasn't a 25 people intimate wedding) was amazing. This was definitely one of the easiest weddings to photograph and I don't have any regrets regarding the professional side of things.

If you want to know more of my professional experience, want to ask questions, feel free to contact me anywhere!

I plan on sharing more of my life here, more regularly.

Thank you for reading, @samuelcesar.

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